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Retiring or Downsizing

Marylon understands the concerns and circumstances that affect people when selling to make life style changes. 

Marylon is certified as a Senior Real Estate Specialist awarded by National Association of Realtors. Coupled with her experience, Marylon understands the circumstances and concerns that affect people when selling to make life style changes. Quite often our home is our greatest equity . “One size” does not fit all and some retirees have not bought and sold in many years, others have upsized or downsized, moved to new location or moved closer to family. There are many options such as smaller homes, condominiums, apartment, assisted living. Some of us will be young at 85 and others will be old at 40. Income, ability, technology,health make every situation unique and I will be pleased to discuss your options & possibilities in this changing market. And if you are selling to “upsize”– call me to list as your home— as it might just be a perfect “downsize” for a retiree.

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